Porcelain Pavers

FF Brick Pavers in Windermere orcelain is a top resource for homeowners to find high-quality porcelain pavers. Manufactured in Italy, our pavers exceed expectations of beauty and durability. The manufacturing process includes a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals that are baked and formed into a durable tile. The non-porous material allows for resistance to water penetration (0.5% absorption rate), creating a strength that lasts and is perfect for Florida residential and commercial markets.

If you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, our Porcelain Pavers are the perfect solution. Our Porcelain Pavers do not require a concrete slab or mud-setting, saving you money with an easy sand setting process. Our Porcelain Pavers are ECO-friendly, anti-slip, easy to clean, maintenance-free, and stain-resistant. With an impressive capacity to not fade over time, it is resistant to freeze-thaw, mold, mildew, and moss.

Our 2cm porcelain pavers are the perfect addition to any home or building outside design including patios, gardens, and pool decks, and our 3cm porcelain pavers are ideal for driveways.

Porcelain Benefits

Porcelain Pavers are perfect for patios, gardens, pool decks, driveways and outdoor areas.

Installation methods include SAND SET and/or MUD SET, for Driveways, Decks, & Patios.

  • Anti-slip
  • Maintenance Free (No Sealing required)
  • Color will not change over time (Fade-resistant)
  • Resistant to Freeze-Thaw (0.05% absorption)
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and moss
  • Stain-Resistant, Easy to clean
  • 10° cooler than concrete
  • Resistant to heavy loads
  • Built to last

2CM Patio Porcelain Pavers

3CM Driveway Porcelain Pavers

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